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Our mission in terms of responsibility

Responsibility: a much discussed and important topic in our modern society.
To us at BLACKROLL®, ‘to be responsible’ firstly means that we know why we are here.

The BLACKROLL® brand and organisation came into existence with the clear purpose to improve people’s ability to self-help in terms of wellbeing and health – by creating high quality, durable and easy-to-use tools that make sense. By sharing knowledge. Driven by people and research.

We are here to empower you. To live a movement inspired, pain-free life. We are a holistic organisation, therefore we rather speak of responsibility than sustainability: for us, this is an overarching definition. We think doing ‘business as usual’ is outdated. Sustainability therefore is a bottom line and included within responsibility. This means we are efficient and respectful towards the various resources, be it natural resources or (wo-)manpower, that we use in the process of running the BLACKROLL® organisation and creating products, with the knowledge available to us at the time.

While working diligently on our mission, we continuously innovate to stay on top of our game. We question and challenge our plans before taking next steps. In the light of responsibility, we have always felt that producing multifunctional products that are durable, and increase human wellbeing and health awareness, are clear standards. But as we grow and learn each year, our standards increase. Inspired by global movements and numerous companies that lead by purpose, and our own inner drive to be a forerunner in our field of wellbeing, therapy- and sports. A clear objective for us is to become the most responsible company we can possibly be.

To us, responsibility also means being transparent about our chosen way of doing things at BLACKROLL®. By means of making responsible decisions and taking suitable action which show what we are made of and telling you about them. This is where we specifically align with our suppliers, seek sustainable partnerships, and are communicative towards our broader community.

We have defined three focal areas of responsibility:

Our mission in terms of responsibility

People. Planet. Performance.



People are at the base of our brand and our company purpose. In our view, investing in people and their health and happiness is what defines responsibility firstly, and connects directly to our company’s purpose. Finding the right balance between activation and recovery, fuels a life full of energy. And this will have spillover effects into the diverse society that we are a part of.

This starts internally, with our core team. We make significant efforts to stimulate happiness and self-responsibility to create an engaged and energised team that is motivated to innovate, grow and simply do epic things. Read more about our values & culture.

People stands for the greater community that we are part of as well. To be there for others. We strongly connect to our trainers, our customers, our retail partners, our suppliers, and our scientific partners, to name a few. To hear you, to include you, exchange, and to learn from you.

Under People we include the support of empowering initiatives by people for people. Focus here is on supporting research related to human health, donating to projects supporting the less privileged, and where environmental awareness meets human development and education. Read more below about examples of such initiatives.


There is only one planet earth. And we feel privileged to live on her and borrow her from the future generations. That is why we as a company do our outmost best to act responsibly towards the natural environment. We think, act, and innovate along anchor lines of durability, cleanliness and minimalism. Where we can produce in the highest and most durable quality, close to our home base, we do. Here are some examples what we do concretely:


About 96% (as of 2019) of our products are made in Germany. We put great importance on long-term partnerships and work with companies that share our values and have overlapping principles when it comes to high performance.


One of the main ground materials we work with for our core recovery collection that is 100% made in Germany – is EPP. A true gamechanger for BLACKROLL® as this material offers great stability and durability whilst keeping weight and volume of ground resources incredibly low. Why we choose for this plastic resource and feel all-round responsible about it? Read more about it here.

Environmentally friendly packaging

We have identified packaging materials as one step in our journey to complete carbon neutrality. Our packaging is made from recycled materials and is produced 100% climate neutral. We eliminate plastic one-way packaging elements where we can.

Above all, we like to work efficiently. We aimed for this since the day we started BLACKROLL®. We are a Swiss-/German brand: cultures known for highly valuing efficiency, engineering and craftmanship. We do not merely like quality, durability and sustainability: these are our bottom line. We also believe that measuring is knowing and having clear objectives will help us focus on taking one step at the time. We took a headstart by taking responsibility for currently non-avoidable or irreducible emissions by financially supporting certified climate protection projects since the year 2019. Our next aim in this journey is to take even more ambitious climate measures and proactively apply data-driven, comprehensive climate protection strategy from 2023. Learn more about our steps in climate action.


Our brand is all about unlocking high performance. For the love of movement, and continuously becoming better. It is where we come from. It’s what we are made of, and what keeps us going. Whether in life, as a human being, in (performance) sports, or at work. Growth in its most positive sense. Where we continuously look to find balance.

For us, finding a healthy balance between business performance, people and planet is the ultimate challenge. Performing well as a business, does not simply mean making profit. Reconciling this element with being purposeful, is what makes us feel completely energized.

We like to perform highly and for that we need to keep up the pace. By learning, trusting, connecting and innovating. We love seeing the people in our team, as well as our partners, work with true motivation. Thereby performing at their highest potential. We work on that, daily. Because we are not here to be average. We are here to be awesome.

From physical therapy to professional sports, the world of science and (sports-)medicine. We have been occupied with optimizing performance, self-care and quality of life from the moment the first BLACKROLL® literally rolled out of our factory. We will sustainably and continuously keep performance a part of our business’ purpose, growth, and responsibility.

17 Goals for sustainable development

Sustainable Developement Goals


Sustainable Development Goals

Balancing these three foci builds onto the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as defined by the United Nations. Our fields of action contribute specifically to three of the seventeen SDGs:

Good Health and Well-Being

Firstly, good health and well-being. The health and wellbeing of all people is top priority for BLACKROLL®, and the number one reason we are here. Empowering people of all ages and fitness levels to move better, move more, and making space to recover is what we aim to do.

Responsible consumption and production

Secondly: producing and consuming responsibly. We require the highest quality standards of our production methods and partners. Here we consciously choose for partnerships that are located close to our home and biggest market, which is in the EU. Since about 50% of our product collection contains EPP (expanded polypropylene) as a main source material, here is where we particularly focus on minimizing the use of energy, water and crude material. About 96% (as of 2019) of our products are made in Germany.

Climate Action

Thirdly: climate action. We demand high performance of ourselves in this reach, that is measurable. We acknowledge climate change as a major environmental issue that needs solid collaborations and thoughtful decisions to be addressed and combatted. One such collaboration within our focus is with ClimatePartner to calculate our corporate and product carbon footprint according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. However, we not only want to calculate our carbon footprint, but also reduce or completely avoid CO2 emissions. And for all currently irreducible or avoidable emissions, we take responsibility by financially supporting international certified climate protection projects. Giving priority to certain action fields where we have the biggest ecological impact is our strategy of choice.

You are wanted!

We know like no other: you never stop learning. Therefore, we continue our innovation path and let ourselves be inspired by these three global common goals for a more balanced society in which we clearly see our role and responsibility as a company. That being said: teamwork makes the dreams work to do better. In case you have any ideas, burning questions or remarks, we are always glad to hear from you.

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More than one million happy customers More than one million happy customers