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3 new sets against pain


Are you ready to take your pain into your own hands and actively do something for your health? No matter if you want to take preventive action against pain or if you are currently experiencing discomfort: With the new BLACKROLL® sets against back, neck and knee pain you have the right tools & exclusive online trainings at hand.

The new sets against pain including online training

Incl. online training
Set for knee pain incl. online training
Knee Box
Incl. online training
Set for back pain incl. online training
Back Box
Incl. online training
Set for neck pain incl. online training
Neck Box

This is what you can expect from the exclusive online training

With the purchase of the BACK BOX, NECK BOX or KNEE BOX you will not only receive products, but also online trainings that are specifically tailored to your pain. You can easily activate them in your customer account after purchase. The workouts are then also available to you at any time in the BLACKROLL® app.

Weekly main workouts

Your PAIN BOX includes 2 main workouts. Choose the right workout for you according to your complaints. As a preventive measure, you can of course do both workouts.

We recommend you to do the training at least 2 times a week.

Back training on fascia roll MED

The daily 3

Even if it is sometimes difficult: Try to incorporate one of the short workouts into your daily routine every day. It only takes a few minutes too, I promise! The two short workouts include 3 exercises each.

Trigger in the hand

Bonus workouts

You want more? We've put together a bonus workout for you with more exercises to combat your specific aches and pains. You can combine them with the other workouts or do them on your own.

Stretching exercise with the SUPER BAND green
The 4 core elements of the training

Myofascial self-massage

Tense muscles and stuck fasciae can be the cause of your pain. Through the targeted application of self-massage techniques, we remove tension from the muscles. In addition, waste products in the fasciae are squeezed out like a sponge. Our tissue can regenerate better.


Pain often arises due to deep-seated tension, so-called trigger points. A physical therapist presses on the tissue with his thumb to relieve pain. With the trigger tool included in the set, you always have your own physio thumb with you.

Stretching & Mobilization

With targeted stretching & mobilization exercises, we create a better range of motion in our bodies. Due to our one-sided lifestyle, some body structures tend to functionally shorten. With stretching exercises we restore the natural tension conditions.


Like building a house, a stable foundation is very important in the body. Some muscles in our body tend to weaken. The result is poor posture and harmful movement patterns. With targeted activation exercises, we can stabilize our body to prevent pain even in the long term.
Master Trainer Stefan

Your trainer Stefan

"I'm excited to show you exercises for your back, neck and knee pain. Together we'll tackle your pain!"

More about Stefan
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Free shipping over 35€ Free shipping over 35€
90-day return policy 90-day return policy
More than one million happy customers More than one million happy customers