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Massage gun

Fascia Gun

15H battery life, super quiet & lightweight, 4 attachments & 4 massage levels

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90 day return policy
More than one million happy customers

Our promise for the FASCIA GUN


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90-day risk-free trial: You can test the FASCIA GUN for 90 days so that you can get to know all its advantages and see for yourself. Without restrictions. Without risk.


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Premium quality: The quality of our products is our top priority. That's why we developed the product together with a team of experts.


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Free shipping & returns: Your FASCIA GUN will be delivered to you free of charge in Germany & Austria. If you are not convinced, you can return it free of charge.

Efficient recovery with vibration technology - at home or on the go 


Are you in need of a relaxing massage? Would you like to prepare your muscles before training or working out and prevent getting sore? With 4 massage levels the FASCIA GUN can be the perfect tool to cover your requirements to keep your body healthy and performing at its best. Release muscle and tissue tensions, increase circulation, activate and prepare your muscles and neural system before loading them up and recover efficiently afterwards. The 4 different massage levels combined with 4 attachments included with the FASCIA GUN, provide you with an unmatched application range across activation, recovery and relaxation. The FASCIA GUN has a max speed of 3200 RPM for an intense massage experience, but uniquely the speed can also be dialled down to a very low 1200 RPM which is crucial for muscle relaxation and recovery. Based on scientific findings that suggest a better tissue relaxation and recovery effect in lower vibration frequencies, we have emphasised on including the lower RPM levels as well as ensuring an intense effect in the high RPM settings. At home, in the gym or while travelling, the light and robust aluminium gun is designed to come with you where ever you go.


Low frequencies for high regeneration


With two frequency levels below 30 Hz, the FASCIA GUN is perfect for relaxation and regeneration of your muscles. The few oscillations per minute are perceived by your body as relaxing, since the muscles react with a protective tension at higher frequencies. So if you want to work deeper into the tissues, a lower frequency makes sense. The higher frequencies work more to strengthen and activate your muscles.

  • Release tension and pain points in muscles and fascia, recover, activate, relax
  • Unique vibration speed range suitable for muscle recovery, activation and also relaxation - 4 levels ranging from 1200 - 3200 RPM
  • 4 attachable massage heads for targeted and wider application
  • Rechargeable lithium-Ion battery with USB-C charging connection
  • Practical, robust and lightweight design (544g aerospace grade aluminium chassis)
  • Battery: Up to 15 hours running time
  • 2 levels below 30 Hz: low frequency for deeper relaxation
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Useful information

The 4 massage attachments

  1. SILICONE BALL: Suitable for massage applications across the entire body. The silicone ball is our favourite choice for the Relax Mode, it provides a nice grip on the skin for a gentle but effective massage of specific areas.
  2. SILICONE FORK: Suitable for applications in areas with parallel aligned muscle strings, like on both sides of the achilles tendon or the upper trapezius muscle.
  3. SILICONE TRIGGER: The ideal attachment for a targeted vibration massage application on trigger points. Supports the effective release of adhesions within the tissue and softens knots and tense muscle areas.
  4. METAL FLAT: Suitable for massage applications across the entire body. The sliding metal surface allows a smooth gliding on clothing as well as directly on the skin. For added comfort, this attachment can also be used in combination with massage oil.
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The 4 massage levels

Using the FASCIA GUN is very intuitive and you will easily be able to identify the areas on your body where your tissue needs attention. You can choose between 4 vibration levels. Level one and two have been developed to operate below 30 Hz frequency in order to provide two settings for true muscle recovery, tension release and if you simply feel like a relaxing massage. Level three and four offering higher frequencies above 30 Hz for muscle activation and training preparation.

Our experts

"The FASCIA GUN is an important part in our performance training program. On one hand we can with targeted application achieve better neural activation of specific body parts and on the other hand we can use the GUN as an effective recovery tool after loading. The different attachments and massage levels are a valuable contribution to make our training programs even more effective."

Christopher Schröck, Sports scientist & Coach BASEFIVE 

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Product reviews

Fascia Gun

Fascia gun is light, small, so really good for traveling, easy to use, powerful, but also very silent. I´m very happy I bought it.
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Free shipping over 35€ Free shipping over 35€
90-day return policy 90-day return policy
More than one million happy customers More than one million happy customers